Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Bruce Springsteen The Ties That Bind

Unreleased Album From 1979 - Early version of The River as well)
A+ exceptional sound quality 320Kbps
Notes: Before Springsteen released the classic double-LP The River in 1980, he had already scrapped a proposed single-disc version of the album in 1979 titled The Ties That Bind. This is that unreleased album, in stunning sound quality; Most consider it superior sonically to the officially released CD version of The River, and I won't argue. Heck, there's quite a few that think this is an overall better album, and while I wouldn't go that far, it IS a great album. Much more pop-influenced than what was released, which is probably why Bruce shelved it.
1- The Ties That Bind (some lyric variations from the released version)
2- Cindy (unreleased song)
3- Hungry Heart (minor, if any, variations)
4- Stolen Car (wildly different from the released version)
5- To Be True (early version of Be True, which was released as a B-Side
in 1980)
6- The River (different mix, no background vocals)
7- You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch) (very different, rockabilly version rather than the released garage rock version)
8- The Price You Pay (extra verse)
9- I Wanna Marry You (minor variations)
10- Loose Ends (unreleased song)


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